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Yu Harada
Hometown: TAIWAN Nakano Tokyo living now.

I was working at Broadcasting station of Taiwan &Hong Kong as AD, Director, Journalist for over ten years. Then visited here in Japan in 2006. Graduating from Japanese language school, after I graduated with a chief of ODA fashion technical collage.
2010, I started working with GIO company and taking charge of the styling of MC of a TV programs.

2013 started overseas division of GIO. This company is performing business which carries out the hair styling and makeup for entertainer MC who are appearing on media. Taking advantage of my experience, it construct as Japan and Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, South east Asian countries supporting as a bridge.
I would like to carry out follow up including the entertainer who visits Japan from Asian countries or the people of a fashion model by fashion stylist with experience of our company abandant to ordinary persons individual style advice and hair stylist makeup stylist.
When you could not perform fine expression, Please feel free about those who want to take in a makeup & fashion of Japan. It can respond in Chinese ,Taiwanese, English and Japanese. I will advise to Japan’s latest fashion apparel brand and purchase.
We will responds to a request of the actress them yearns for and the image of a fashion Model by the hair stylist who is playing an active part in TV or magazine . It fulfills your dream by all staff of company.




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